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    September 14, 2015 at 1:54 pm #124


    Thanks for your reply on Red Rice forum. These are the informations for my website and purchase code.
    I’m working with WordPress in the portuguese version, because I’m updating all the content of the CNERGIA’s brand. The English version will be set up in the root of the domain (as the main language) but now I’m still using the actual version of the CNERGIA’s website. I’ve install an english version in a subdomain just for tests. I’m sending you the two of them.

    Hoping that you can help me as soon as possible.

    (The issue on Red Rice forum: I’ve purchased the theme hymaze but the installation isn’t going well.
    I had follow every step of the documentation and everything seems right untill the installation of the plugin WP Less. From that stage there’s nothing showing on the website. At some point of all of my attempts the Theme Options never appeared on the dashboard.)

    purchase code: 55c42f90-5ff9-428c-b0c2-c2f6784404ac

    Portuguese version
    user: pixelglimpsewp
    password: 5adHWhiIY1oOOT%4RHhlq(Bg

    English version
    user: pixelglimpsewp
    password: RR(uWjtCU0gNaA((x#2F8ToD

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