Support Policy

We only offer support only to our Theme Buyers with a Valid Purchase Code. We only offer support for our themes, features and functionality unique to our themes. Please note that we cannot assist with general WordPress support or provide you with theme modifications and customizations in any circumstances. If you need any customization service you may request a quote from us.

Our Theme Support does NOT include the following:
As per our general support policy displayed on Themeforest for all items


We provide free support only when there are bugs and issues within original live preview of our theme. Our support is NOT applicable to the following queries:

  • Free customization or code-modification requests
  • Additional feature requests
  • Requests to edit or debug your website
  • Requests to fix the issues present only on your edited website (but not in our theme preview)
  • Issues related to third party plugins and components
  • Issues particular to any specific device or browser (for example, IE8 and below)

Additional WordPress forum guidelines

  • Providing specific support for third-party plugins and foreign codes.
  • Providing general WordPress support & how-to’s (Use forums or the WordPress Codex for that)
  • Providing code customizations to extend default theme features
  • Providing fixes that are unique to your web hosting or server environment (although we can often point you in the right direction in contacting your web hosting support)

Support Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines mentioned below while using our Support Forum:

  • We keep our support forum in a good faith that we can help a lot of people who trust our themes and code. We will do our level best on supporting our genuine theme buyers even though “themeforest has made it clear that providing support is NOT mandatory”
  • Make sure your Questions are Theme Specific and NOT general WordPress Questions. You should refer to the WordPress’s Codex or the WordPress Forum for such issues.
  • In case of HTML themes built with any framework such as Bootstrap, if you have queries related to such framework customization you should contact the original website of those frameworks. This info is often linked in documentation.
  • Always read the Full Documentation present inside the Theme Package before asking your Questions. If you ask questions already mentioned in the Documentation, you’ll be asked to Read the Documentation again.
  • Provide enough relevant information regarding the issues you face with the respective Theme with Screenshots so that we can understand the problems quickly and point you in the right direction which will eventually save You & Us a lot of TIME.
  • Create different Topics per Question/Issue. DO NOT include all the Questions/Issues in a Single Topic.
  • Provide the Link of your Website where necessary beforehand so that we can check the Issues on your Website directly without any delays.
  • DO NOT post your WordPress Username/Password Publicly inside the Topics as it’ll be viewable even to the other users of our Support Forum. Send your WordPress Username/Password using this Contact Form only.
  • DO NOT use abusive words, explicit language or potential misbehaviour on support forum or any other social media platforms. If any of such cases are detected the user & IP will be banned / removed without further notice.

Support Response

We thrive to provide you the best possible Support but it is requested that you remain patient as there might be sudden delays. Offering Theme Support is not mandatory for Themeforest Authors but we love our Customers and we’ll always provide support for our Active Themes.

  • For Simple Questions you can expect to be answered within10.00 to 24.00 Hours from Mondays to Fridays.
  • For Complex Questions you can expect to be answered within 48 Hours up to 1 Week depending up on the availability of our developers.
  • Receiving an answer to your Questions doesn’t mean it is solved. Questions to get actually solved might take more time/replies if your issue is complex. Nothing to worry as your Questions will always be solved.
  • It is requested that you do not get abusive towards Authors/Moderators on the Support Forums if you experience any delays. This sort of misbehaviour will cause user & IP to be banned from the support system.

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